Baby Jonah

I had the PLEASURE of traveling with my daughter, Kelsa and son (in law), Luke,  to VA to visit his family.    His sister had just had a BEAUTIFUL baby boy, Jonah.    He is the sweetest little guy.   I LOVE babies so it was an honor to hold him and cuddle with him.  Then I got to snap some photos for his mama and grandma.    Here are just a FEW of my favorites.

Even I got in the pictures 🙂

I LOVE the cooing sounds babies make and their adorable little faces, hands and heads.  OH!  I just LOVE THEM!  It was a fun trip and after we spent a few days with his family, we headed off to PA for a wedding.  Those photos will be up SOON!

I hope you enjoy seeing this GORGEOUS baby boy.  I sure enjoy looking at his little face.  OH and the sock monkey hat, I made it for him.  🙂  I have wanted to make one for some time.  SO I did.  🙂

Enjoy the photos.  I sure enjoy helping people capture memories in photos.

God bless,



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The Beauty of FAMILY

I am such a family person.  I LOVE my family and they mean SO much to me.  I have been a stay at home, homeschooling mom (SAHHM) for MANY years now.  I was a Registered Nurse prior to being blessed to be home with my girls and doing Photography part time.  I LOVED my job and still miss helping others, but I LOVE where I am at now.  I love being able to photograph people especially FAMILIES!  There is something about being able to capture those moments with them.  I love to tell a story with the photos I capture.  You and I may not know all the details behind what is going on in the photo, but the family does.  They will look at the photos years later and remember the funny things that happened.  I want all my photo sessions to be FUN!



I was blessed to photograph several families this past weekend.  First, my DEAR friend Karen and her family invited us to GA to photograph them.  We went to a lovely park and got some amazing shots.  We walked around the park and took some great photos.  But we as two families had fun connecting and being out in God’s world.  It was a wonderful Friday evening.  After photos, my two younger girls babysat Karen’s girls. This allowed my husband and I to go on a double date with Karen and Allen.  Great friends and great food.  We ended the evening with a scrumptious lemonade cake made by Karen aka Martha Stewart 😉   I am VERY blessed to have such wonderful friends.



On Saturday we went to a Birthday party for a sweet little boy from our church.  It was the kind of party that my family always used to have… we invited families young and old.  It is a great way to celebrate a birthday.  LOTS of fun!  We were at the park and it was a gorgeous day!  LOVE being out in God’s world with God’s people!  🙂



Then to finish off Saturday I got to photograph another dear friend’s family.  Barbara aka Sissy has been friends with my husband and his family since she was born.  I have known her for MANY years myself.  It is SO sweet to see her with her own family now.   Barbara, David and there three children came to my house and we had a great evening taking photos.  I have to say that the kids TOTALLY enjoyed the tire swing and other swing that we have.  I got SO many great photos.   These moments are why I do what I do.  I got this message from Sissy after the photo shoot, “It was great to see all you too, we all had a great time. I can honestly say that was the most fun photo shoot that we have ever had. We are all outdoorsmen so it was the way for us to go…”   That made my day!  That is what I really want for everyone I take photos for.  God is surely blessing me!

You can go to my website/gallery to see more photos from this weekend.  Visit

Kelsa and Luke – Engagement

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Taking photos of an engaged couple is one of the funnest things.  There is so much LOVE in the air.  What makes it even more special?  When you are taking photos of your own DAUGHTER!  🙂  I had a wonderful day photographing my daughter and my soon to be son 🙂

Here are few shots from this morning.  We will be adding to the gallery because we have a few more shots we HAVE to take!  Thanks for looking.  God bless.


Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog!  🙂  I want to share the lovely people I come in contact with in my photography business.  It is a blessing to be able to capture memories for people.  I also want you to check out my facebook page.  I am having a GIVEAWAY!  If you like my page and share it with your friends, and leave a comment on my page then you will be entered in a drawing for a FREE PHOTO SESSION!  So go on over to


Just a little sunset for you!  God bless!